Things to Avoid When Kitchen Remodeling

Keeping a luxurious looking kitchen is a dream of many homeowners however if you want the investment you put into your kitchen to be worthwhile, look more into the details of what goes into your kitchen. Yes, the appearance and the ambience of the kitchen matters however, the functionality is also a part of your primary goal.  

So, what should you avoid doing when remodeling your kitchen?  

1. Avoid skipping your counter space 

Making sure that your kitchen has a lot of space you can use is a must. One significant mistake in remodeling or designing a kitchen is forgetting a counter space. The counter space in your kitchen provides a big accessibility and comfort to the one handling the kitchen. It is a comfortable and convenient place to prepare meals while also a place for your everyday appliance must-haves. It can include your espresso maker or your toaster. This provides an easy go to when you are in a hurry or just plain lazy to prepare more.  

2. Avoiding extra storage 

Storage is a big part of a kitchen. Given that a kitchen has a lot of things that needs to be used daily, the necessity of each appliance or utensil needs a place for a better storing while ensuring the view in your kitchen is well organized and tidy. Storage or cabinets provide a place for collectors of fancy utensils to parade their collection. Whatever the use of your storage may be, never underestimate putting on extra space to provide a space for future kitchen tools purchases.  

3. Forgetting ventilation 

The ventilation in a kitchen is very important. This is more applicable to people who like to spend almost their entire day cooking delicious foods. If you are a fan of making pastries, you may enjoy the smell of fresh out of the oven baked goods and if you are a fan of savory dishes, your kitchen may smell like it as well, however whatever your forte in food is, ventilation is key in avoiding these smells to get trapped in your home for hours.  

4. Avoid filled bins 

Bins for your garbage can be a big problem if you are very particular in keeping a kitchen’s aesthetic. It often ruins the mood of every kitchen thus making sure it is hidden from anyone’s sight is vital. One trick to hiding a bin from anyone’s sight is through installing a bin in your cupboards. While it may appear to only conceal what is unpleasant to the eyes, it also provides a great way to conceal what can possibly be unpleasant in the nose.  

5. Thrift on Lighting 

Lighting is what completes the look and the vibe of the kitchen. More than the added look and ambience it provides, it is also very convenient in areas where you need to do something like food preparation. You can also indulge in lighting if you want to highlight a certain part of your kitchen. Most importantly, a good kitchen lighting makes it easy to sneak in whenever you are craving something at midnight.  

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